See You In Spain! — The PD Team Prepares for WordCamp Europe

It is our first year as a company and this month brings our first official conference that we will be attending as a company: WordCamp Europe 2015 in Seville, Spain.

To say the least, we are excited. Here is who you can expect to see there and what we are looking forward to the most:


This is Nikola’s second WordCamp. His experiences at WordCamp Sofia in 2014 are what inspired him to finally create his own company and expand the WordPress expertise in Bulgaria.

This year he hopes to see some familiar faces and exchange ideas about the future of WordPress. He is looking forward to:

He is a little concerned about the heat and plans to hide away during the day, but you should be able to find him cruising the city with his family and indulging in plenty of Spanish food during the evenings.


This will be Iva’s first WordCamp and she is excited to meet new people and perhaps learn a little bit about coding. (If you don’t already know, Iva is our designer, so coding is new to her.)

When she is not at sessions, Iva will be exploring the city with her fiance, finding churros to eat, and trying to figure out which scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed in the Royal Alcazar.


Eddie is a WordCamp first timer. It will also be his first time flying on a plane, so he is both nervous and excited.

He is looking forward to:

He is also looking forward to the after party and hopes to do some shopping for his girlfriend while he is in Seville.


This is Koji’s first WordCamp and her first time travelling internationally with her 16 month old son. She is looking forward to:

She is hoping that she can relax enough to really enjoy some tapas. She is also looking forward to the hot weather as it reminds her of her years in Arizona.

Unfortunately, Hristo will be unable to attend WordCamp this year. He has to stay behind to work on his thesis and spend time with his niece while she is in Bulgaria. Hopefully he will be at the next one.

The rest of us hope to see you there!

Kojishi Dae
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