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I’ve been meaning to start writing tutorials for our site for a long time, but I never set aside the time to do so. Today I decided that it’s time to change that and added the all-new Tutorials section.

While offering my clients 1-on-1 tutoring sessions, I’ve heard more than once or twice from them, that none of the more in-depth things that I show them as solutions to their problems is covered in any of the tutorials they’ve read online. And trust me, they’ve read a lot before deciding to come to me.

That’s one of the primary reasons I decided to start the tutorials section on our site – so that you can learn something that I know. It doesn’t matter if you’re a potential client, a developer or just trying to put things together on your own. I want to help you become better at WordPress. Because if you’re better, then WordPress will be better for everyone you help or work for – and that’s awesome!

Paiyak Development is a development company. However, we are not only interested in developing our clients’ websites or our own pocketbooks. We’re interested in developing the WordPress community as a whole. As such, I don’t plan on ever making any of the tutorials restricted in any way (I’m actually going to post that on the Tutorials page, so that it reminds me and everyone else in the future).

One thing in particular that I’m excited about is the promise to deliver (whenever possible, which should be almost always) plugins that are ready for use right away. This means that you can simply upload them to your WordPress site and they’ll work. Of course you will also be able to tweak them to your own liking so they better suit your needs 🙂

Initially I’m going to aim at publishing at least one tutorial part a week.

I hope you’re as excited about the upcoming tutorials as I am.

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