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The 8 Legs of Paiyak Development

In the Bulgarian language, Paiyak means, “spider.” So, when we talk about the websites developed by Paiyak Development, we are talking about truly graceful, intricate, beautiful projects.

Just like the arachnids we are named after, our company supports itself on 8 legs. These basic values guide our business practices and give both our employees and our clients a predictable, consistent experience.

The 8 legs of Paiyak Development are:

1. Passion for Perfection.

Surely you have seen a spider web glistening in the evening sunlight. They spread out to fill huge, irregular spaces while remaining strong, well-supported, and quite beautiful.

A spider web is an amazing example of quality engineering. These spiders that spin webs do not do so for fame and fortune.They do so because it is in their nature. There is a very basic drive in spiders to create quality webs, and we share this drive with them.

All of our team members have a passion for perfection. We deliver a quality product not only because it is morally right to do so, but because we have a basic need for elegant solutions.

2. Creative Solutions.

Speaking of elegant solutions, spiders are masters of creativity. For starters, the way they eat, liquefying their prey for easy digestion, is truly unique. Beyond that, many spiders are masters of camouflage and utilize various hunting techniques. These are all creative solutions that have evolved over thousands of years.

We are in awe of the creative solutions spiders have found to their problems, and we use them as inspiration, reminding us to always think outside of the box and find the best solution for our clients.

3. A Truly Useful Product.

Most people are well-aware that spiders do a great job of keeping our homes free of insect-pests. Just like them, we only offer services that are truly useful to our clients.

4. Attention to Detail.

Spiders have 8 eyes. The main pair have an extremely high resolution and are used for viewing close objects. The other three pairs give the spider a general idea of what is going on around it.

Just like the spider, we have an amazing sense of detail, which allows us to provide error-free code. At the same time, we remain aware of the bigger picture, meeting our deadlines and offering alternative solutions to our clients’ problems.

5. Global Adaptability.

Spiders are found throughout the world, on every continent except Antarctica. Just like them, we are able to adapt to many different cultures and environments.

We are physically based in Bulgaria. However, our lead developer has worked with clients from around the globe and held long-term positions in Bulgaria and Turkey, while our business and content specialist is an American. We look forward to adding to our diverse team in the near future.

6. Diversity.

There are many different types of spiders and each of them are known for their special skills and abilities. Paiyak Development seeks to employ a variety of people with different backgrounds in order to offer the best collection of skills to our clients.One of the main areas of diversity Paiyak Development is interested in supporting is women in technology, and we hope to employ an even ratio of men and women.

7. Social Responsibility.

Did you know that the garden spider eats its web every night and spins a new one every morning? Well, just like that amazing example of recycling, Paiyak Development has a strong sense of social responsibility.We plan to give back to the international WordPress community through the development of open source plugins and contributing to the WordPress codebase. At the same time, we find it important to support our local community. We offer discounted prices to non-profit organizations and are currently looking for youth programs to support.

8. A Strong Product.

Spider silk, when compared to the same weight of steel, is actually stronger. That is some pretty strong stuff, and that is what we hope to produce; a product that can be delicately manipulated but is strong enough to withstand much more than it should. We don’t stop working until our clients are convinced that they have a solid, dependable product.

Now that you understand the 8 legs that carry this company, we hope you feel comfortable with our friendly spider-team. We certainly look forward to working with you.

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Kojishi Dae
Co-Founder, Business Specialist
Kojishi is a creative writer turned business woman. With a degree in Sociology from the University of Arizona, she focuses on team member development and developing a sustainable, responsible business model for the company. She also provides content in American English to select clients...

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