Happy Easter by Paiyak Dev

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!! I know it may sound a little late to a lot of you, but over here in Bulgaria we celebrate Easter according to the Orthodox calendar, meaning that today is Good Friday and this Sunday will be Easter.

Eddie and Iva are off for a long weekend, and Nikola and I are in Varna, visiting his parents. (Of course, Nikola is still working). We will celebrate Easter with his parents- eating roasted lamb and Russian potato salad and, of course, painting Easter eggs with our son.

On a personal note- Nikola became an uncle (I guess that makes me an aunt) on Wednesday, and we are excited to stay in Varna to get to meet the new baby and congratulate the parents.

I’ll be taking time off of work to prepare for summer, so posts will be coming every two weeks instead of every week.

So- Happy Easter and happy weekend!

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