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This year, only Nikola and I were able to make it to WordCamp Europe. We packed our son into his carrier and headed for five days in Vienna. We hoped to learn something new, meet interesting people, and score some WordPress swag. When we arrived on Thursday, we stopped by
Happy Easter!!! I know it may sound a little late to a lot of you, but over here in Bulgaria we celebrate Easter according to the Orthodox calendar, meaning that today is Good Friday and this Sunday will be Easter. Eddie and Iva are off for a long weekend, and
While they are a little short of super-actionable resolutions, I thought I would take the time to share some of our company's hopes for 2016. With the closing of our first year and the opening of our second year we hope for stability, growth, and the continued opportunity to do
We would like to take a moment to wish everyone a happy holiday season. Most of the Paiyak Development team is enjoying a well-deserved break. We might even be able to pull Nikola away from his computer for a full 24-hours with the promise of family cuddles and plenty of