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When talking about all of the reciprocal relationships in the web development world, it is easy to get overwhelmed with what you think you owe other people. But sometimes, it has to be about you. Not that you have to be selfish but, you do need to protect and nurture
While they are a little short of super-actionable resolutions, I thought I would take the time to share some of our company's hopes for 2016. With the closing of our first year and the opening of our second year we hope for stability, growth, and the continued opportunity to do
We would like to take a moment to wish everyone a happy holiday season. Most of the Paiyak Development team is enjoying a well-deserved break. We might even be able to pull Nikola away from his computer for a full 24-hours with the promise of family cuddles and plenty of
At the moment, Bulgaria and Romania seem to be competing for the title of the Balkan Silicon Valley. Both countries have created an environment that is ideal for creative technological development and web development workers. At Paiyak Development, we are obviously hoping that Bulgaria takes the title and attracts the
The problem of what a company could and should offer its employees is wrapped up in complex political and social concepts that go all the way to the debate between capitalism and socialism. At Paiyak Development, we tend to run on the socialist side of things, and I will enjoy writing
The majority of explorations of developer responsibilities involve the relationship between the developer and the client. Perhaps this is because it is the most visible relationship and also the relationship where money is regularly being exchanged, so there needs to be a constant examination and clarification of responsibilities to make the
When exploring the idea of ethics in business, it is important to understand the types of people who you are responsible to. Responsibility has three basic components: Having a duty to deal with something.Having control or influence over something.Being in a position to be blamed for something. In other words,
This past weekend, Nikola and I attended WordCamp Sofia. Although we had an extremely brief stay in Sofia, the talks we were able to attend were well-worth the 5 hour car ride. During Noel Tock's talk about current trends in content publishing, (which I highly recommend watching), there was the