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Over the past decade, IT has made its way out of the basement and onto the main floor, complete with bright windows, tinted to not reflect on our computer screens. Those who work in web development are no longer the creepy, socially awkward men and women they were once assumed
Paiyak Development is taking the first, exciting baby steps towards becoming a full-fledged web development company. For the past few years, while Nikola was working as a freelancer, one of his most important goals was to offer a quality product to his clients. Too many people in the world live
If you've wondered why there wasn't much activity on the blog in the past month, then wonder no more. We have spent the last two months relocating to central Bulgaria in the beautiful city of Gabrovo. It's located at the foot of the Balkan Mountains and very close to the geographical center
The smiling spider. The happy face spider. Really, this little guy is called Theridion grallator and it is a happy native of Hawaii. By little, we actually mean tiny. This spider's average size is .2 inches. It lives on the underside of leaves and each spider has a unique pattern of markings, many