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When exploring the idea of ethics in business, it is important to understand the types of people who you are responsible to. Responsibility has three basic components: Having a duty to deal with something.Having control or influence over something.Being in a position to be blamed for something. In other words,
This past weekend, Nikola and I attended WordCamp Sofia. Although we had an extremely brief stay in Sofia, the talks we were able to attend were well-worth the 5 hour car ride. During Noel Tock's talk about current trends in content publishing, (which I highly recommend watching), there was the
Over the past decade, IT has made its way out of the basement and onto the main floor, complete with bright windows, tinted to not reflect on our computer screens. Those who work in web development are no longer the creepy, socially awkward men and women they were once assumed
I've been meaning to start writing tutorials for our site for a long time, but I never set aside the time to do so. Today I decided that it's time to change that and added the all-new Tutorials section. While offering my clients 1-on-1 tutoring sessions, I've heard more than once or